Natalie Prew

Trusts and Estate Planning
09 306 0616

The approachable advisor who takes care of your assets.

Natalie’s clients value the perceptive way she takes account of their personal circumstances while protecting the value of their assets. Approachable, calm, and diligent, Natalie advises on trust administration and draws great satisfaction from the personal and relational aspects that estate planning law entails.

Natalie majored in history, with a particular interest in the written bias within the historic record. This keen observation of divergent views has translated into an empathetic approach to her practice of the law. As well as the legal expertise she offers, clients appreciate her ability to put people at ease.

On the inside, Natalie is our go-to as a sounding board; she thrives on collaboration and enjoys offering a fresh counterpoint to legal conundrums.

On the outside, she’s a busy working mum who, when she does get time to relax, dreams of a return to competitive rowing.

Petrea Parkhill

09 306 0621

The approachable advocate who makes everything run smoothly.

Petrea’s clients value the practical and realistic solutions she comes up with. Her open, approachable personality and clear thinking help guide them through any complexities that may arise.

Focused, attentive and organised, Petrea specialises in property transactions, estate management, asset and wealth management. She thrives on solving the most challenging problems while making sure her clients feel at ease.

After Law, Petrea also majored in Sociology, which confirmed her belief that practising law is as much about interpersonal relationships as it is about attention to detail.

On the inside, Petrea is our go-to for solving property and trust conundrums of all shapes and sizes.

On the outside, she just can’t get enough horsepower into her life. She loves competing on horseback, and she laps up the thrill of driving race cars.

Pauleen Clark

09 306 0604

The lawyer with a soft heart and steely determination. 

Pauleen’s clients value her tenacity and her conciliatory approach to family law issues. Her pragmatism and diligence make sure they stay fully informed along the way.

Affable, considerate, and tireless, Pauleen specialises in relationship property, Care of Children Act applications, adoption and Family Violence applications and applications under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 (PPPR). She thrives on resolving problems and making her clients feel confident about the way forward.

Pauleen also majored in accounting, so it’s no surprise she is able to give timely and cost-effective advice on complex relationship property matters.

On the inside, Pauleen is our go-to for adoption and PPPR applications.

On the outside, she is a very busy mum and wife, with two young boys. One day she would love to learn to play the piano, speak fluent Spanish and to ski. All she has to do now is find that free day.


Kristina Dunne

09 985 2520

The people-oriented pragmatist.

Kristina’s clients value her pragmatism and thoroughness. Her attention to detail and passion for the law provide them with accurate and well thought out solutions often at highly emotional and sensitive times in their lives.

Specialising in parenting and guardianship disputes, relationship property and spousal maintenance, Kristina majored in psychology as well as law. Not surprisingly, she loves working in family law, where she combines her thorough professional approach with a sympathetic ear.

On the inside, Kristina is our go-to for practical, down to earth advice and a common-sense view that cuts to the chase.

On the outside, she travels far and wide whenever she can. When she’s in town though, if she’s not sussing out a new a restaurant, she’s most likely at the beach or out on the water.

Erica Burke

09 985 2524

The smart, supportive family lawyer who will guide you every step of the way. 

Erica’s clients value her diligence and empathy. Her compassion and clear-thinking make sure they never feel lost at any stage of the legal process.

Smart, energetic and considerate, Erica specialises in relationship property, family violence, and care of children issues. She thrives on developing strategies designed to result in positive change for people.

Erica also majored in Political Studies, and that’s given her the ability to think conceptually, while her keen eye for detail means she can spot the path less taken and turn it to your advantage.

On the inside, Erica is our go-to as an intelligent sounding board about anything from the slightly unusual to the positively esoteric.

On the outside, is exactly where she spends as much time as possible – on multi-day tramps where she can lose herself completely, in nature rather than literally, that is.

Sayuree Ram

Property, Trusts and Estate Planning
09 985 2526

The legal tactician with an innovative approach. 

Sayuree’s clients value her approachable nature and friendly demeanour. She is driven and always goes the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes for her clients, and their repeat business is a testimony to this.

After completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce, Sayuree worked at one of the ‘big four’ accounting firms before spending several years in general practice. Her strong commercial background and experience gained across different areas of law has lead Sayuree to specialise in property law and trusts. She thrives on the challenge of delivering tailored legal solutions that best meet her clients’ needs.

On the inside, Sayuree is admired for being highly organised and maintaining her composure when working under pressure. Sayuree is also our go-to for any matters relating to the Overseas Investment Act and assisting foreign buyers acquire land in New Zealand.

On the outside, Sayuree enjoys having the balance of both city and country lifestyles. She gravitates toward cosy restaurants in the city, whilst long walks in the country provide some tranquility on the weekends. Dog owners tend to keep their furry friends away from her as often ‘man’s best friend’ quickly becomes ‘Sayuree’s best friend’.


Georgina Pauling

Trusts and Estate Planning, Estate Administration
09 985 2527

The dedicated attorney with a gentle approach.

Georgina’s clients value her empathy and positivity, and find it extraordinary that this never compromises the swift resolution of their matters.

A results-oriented problem solver, Georgina was admitted to the bar in 1997 after completing a Bachelor of Laws and Arts. She lights up when immersed in the world of estates, trusts, Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) and is an integral part of the Estates and Trusts teams.

On the inside, people seek her help with EPAs, estate and trusts questions, especially when needing to navigate complex gifting arrangements.

On the outside, her children and close friendships ground her, and she confesses to spending far too much money on live gigs.

Raj Gurusinghe

Commercial, Property
09 306 0629

The insightful dynamo.

Raj’s clients value his energy, pragmatism, and dedication to their needs.

Analytical and resourceful, he is valued for quickly assessing the big picture before locking in on the finer details.

Raj completed a Bachelor of Laws (honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce. After gaining invaluable life and work experience in Europe, he now specialises in commercial and residential transactions for private clients, companies and trusts in our Commercial and Property team.

On the inside, he’s the go-to for time-sensitive, commercial solutions.

On the outside, he’s constantly moving, packing in as much travel and mountain biking as he possibly can.