Pauleen Clark

09 306 0604

The lawyer with a soft heart and steely determination. 

Pauleen’s clients value her tenacity and her conciliatory approach to family law issues. Her pragmatism and diligence make sure they stay fully informed along the way.

Affable, considerate, and tireless, Pauleen specialises in relationship property, Care of Children Act applications, adoption and Family Violence applications and applications under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 (PPPR). She thrives on resolving problems and making her clients feel confident about the way forward.

Pauleen also majored in accounting, so it’s no surprise she is able to give timely and cost-effective advice on complex relationship property matters.

On the inside, Pauleen is our go-to for adoption and PPPR applications.

On the outside, she is a very busy mum and wife, with two young boys. One day she would love to learn to play the piano, speak fluent Spanish and to ski. All she has to do now is find that free day.


Amy McCormick

09 985 2537

The compassionate lawyer who considers all options.

Amy’s clients value her clear presentation of all their options. Her thoughtful, caring advice provides them with tailored solutions that help ease the stress at what are often emotional times in their lives.

Focused, diligent, and compassionate, Amy specialises in all aspects of family law. Her commitment to helping her clients navigate difficult situations and her considerate, intelligent approach reflect the fact that she once thought of becoming a diplomat; which is why she majored in German, politics and international relations as well as law.

On the inside, Amy is our go-to for pragmatism and common sense.

On the outside she spends almost as much time with her family and friends as she does with her puppy. In fact, she’d take them all travelling and tramping with her if she could.

Kristina Dunne

09 985 2520

The people-oriented pragmatist.

Kristina’s clients value her pragmatism and thoroughness. Her attention to detail and passion for the law provide them with accurate and well thought out solutions often at highly emotional and sensitive times in their lives.

Specialising in parenting and guardianship disputes, relationship property and spousal maintenance, Kristina majored in psychology as well as law. Not surprisingly, she loves working in family law, where she combines her thorough professional approach with a sympathetic ear.

On the inside, Kristina is our go-to for practical, down to earth advice and a common-sense view that cuts to the chase.

On the outside, she travels far and wide whenever she can. When she’s in town though, if she’s not sussing out a new a restaurant, she’s most likely at the beach or out on the water.

Ben Jefferson

09 306 0613

The clear-headed legal tactician with match-winning skills.

Ben’s clients value his ability to simplify the complex. His clear thinking, compassion and detailed planning guide them through legal issues at personally challenging times.

Focused, efficient, and empathetic, he enjoys applying his expertise to help people in a tangible way. Ben specialises in family law and works closely with clients who require legal assistance through the closing stages of relationships.

With a Masters in journalism, he has passion for good writing. Not only does that complement his legal acumen, it has given him a sharp eye for detail.

On the inside, he’s our go-to for incisive, effective thinking and regular humorous comments.

On the outside, he’s a sports trivia whizz, a very active first-time parent and a keen soccer player – even if his social skills often make as much of a contribution to the game as his boots do these days.

Nirusha George

09 306 0602

The compassionate pragmatist with a recipe for success.

Nirusha’s clients value her pragmatism and sensitivity. She brings genuine empathy and visible energy to each of her clients’ assignments.

Inquisitive, collaborative and eager to try new things, she thrives on understanding different perspectives, finding real solutions, and challenging herself.

Nirusha majored in sociology and employment relations. Her studies and experiences developed her understanding of people with different views from her own and quickly made her a valuable member of our family law team

On the inside, she’s our go-to for a fresh take on any issue and is happy to take on any challenge.

On the outside, she finds joy in baking, which she eagerly tests on her family. She also loves to be out hiking, as long as the weather’s fine.

Erica Burke

09 985 2524

The smart, supportive family lawyer who will guide you every step of the way. 

Erica’s clients value her diligence and empathy. Her compassion and clear-thinking make sure they never feel lost at any stage of the legal process.

Smart, energetic and considerate, Erica specialises in relationship property, family violence, and care of children issues. She thrives on developing strategies designed to result in positive change for people.

Erica also majored in Political Studies, and that’s given her the ability to think conceptually, while her keen eye for detail means she can spot the path less taken and turn it to your advantage.

On the inside, Erica is our go-to as an intelligent sounding board about anything from the slightly unusual to the positively esoteric.

On the outside, is exactly where she spends as much time as possible – on multi-day tramps where she can lose herself completely, in nature rather than literally, that is.

Jennie Hawker

09 985 2521

The family law expert with a heart of gold and a core of steel.

Jennie’s clients value her energy and passion. She brings a thorough, yet efficient approach, ensuring her clients are always kept abreast of all available options.

Enjoying the challenge that the constant flux of family law brings, Jennie is seen as a formidable expert in all things family law; regularly speaking at events and writing commentary for family court procedure and the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

An unrelenting and strategic advocate for her clients, Jennie is lovely, but lethal.

On the inside she’s the go-to for in-depth knowledge and application of family law legislation and procedures.

On the outside, Jennie is a self-described ‘fitness freak’. Whether it’s up at 5am to go to the gym or running round after her two small boys in the evenings, she’s all about being active.

Clare Murphy LLB / BA

Clare Murphy

Senior Associate
09 985 2533

The calm in the storm.

Clare’s clients often arrive with a storm brewing. She provides the calm. Analytical with sharp acumen, she covers all bases,  and looks outside the box before providing advice or picking up her pen.

Family law is not for the faint-hearted. It requires grit and resolve; Clare has both of these in spades. She turns up everyday with energy. She is known to go above and beyond, to ensure the result is the right one.

Clare has many years of experience guiding clients through all manner of family law issues, including relationship property and trust matters, care of children disputes, domestic violence, incapacity and estates.

Clare is approved by the Court to act as a lawyer for children. She regularly appears in Court and facilitates mediation.

On the inside, she is empathetic and measured.

On the outside, she won’t be far from the beach with music in her ears.

Amanda Donovan

09 306 0620

The perceptive force with a problem-solving nature.

Amanda’s clients value that she’s astute, commercially savvy and easy to relate to. With a background in psychology, she helps make difficult situations comfortable and drives dialogue when the going gets tough.

A strategic thinker with incredible spirit and vitality, Amanda has practised for over 20-years, working primarily in the highly specialised areas of relationship property and claims against trusts. A keen listener and insightful reader of people, Amanda is the person you want to contribute to the negotiations when relationships are forming or finishing.

On the inside, she is the firm’s go-to for solving problems; her intuition is her super power.

On the outside, Amanda is a mother of two (teens/tweens) and sits on the board of international (NZ owned company) – Shuttlerock.

Niccola Davies

Senior Solicitor
09 306 0618

The effervescent family specialist. 

Niccola’s clients value her energy, empathy and attention to detail. And if you don’t understand something, she’ll help you get across it.

A dedicated details person, she’s known for being a live wire who is approachable and always interested. Niccola is a key part of our Family Law team, and is famous for being an early bird to get a jumpstart on each day. She believes that if you want anything enough you’ll make it happen.

On the inside, she’s our go-to for research and when anything needs a little more flair.

On the outside, she’s a hands-on person with baking, pottery and self defence. She also studies Te Reo Māori and is a certifiable Wonder Woman fan.