Olivia Rose

Civil Litigation, Employment and Criminal
09 306 0624

The sharp legal mind with a caring nature.

Olivia’s clients value her proactive and warm approach. She is able see the world from a different perspective and enjoys making real connections with her clients.

It’s in Olivia’s nature to go above and beyond to help her clients. No job is too big or too small. She thrives on a challenge but equally sees even the smallest of jobs as an opportunity to learn and expand her repertoire.

Olivia embarked on her legal career with us after completing her Bachelor of Law with Honours at Auckland University. She has now well and truly found her feet and is an integral part of the litigation team.

On the inside, people seek out her ability to envision the law from different angles.

On the outside, her spice of life is variety – her tendency to try new things means she has tried her hand at pottery, has been off-roading, sewed her own kimono and jumped out of a plane.

Mary Huang

Trusts and Estate Planning
09 985 2536

The diligent lawyer who’s in tune with her client’s needs.

Mary’s clients value the fact that she summarises their options in such a clear and concise way. Her evident drive and her eye for detail make the advice she provides them with on asset and estate planning especially valuable.

Organised, diligent and co-operative, Mary specialises in all aspects of estates and trusts law. She thrives on analysing cases in depth and then giving her clients the best possible solutions to choose from.

On the inside, Mary is keen, approachable and really enjoys collaborating with colleagues.

On the outside she is a something of a movie buff. Mary also enjoys playing the piano and speaking Spanish, but not necessarily the same time.

Amy McCormick

09 985 2537

The compassionate lawyer who considers all options.

Amy’s clients value her clear presentation of all their options. Her thoughtful, caring advice provides them with tailored solutions that help ease the stress at what are often emotional times in their lives.

Focused, diligent, and compassionate, Amy specialises in all aspects of family law. Her commitment to helping her clients navigate difficult situations and her considerate, intelligent approach reflect the fact that she once thought of becoming a diplomat; which is why she majored in German, politics and international relations as well as law.

On the inside, Amy is our go-to for pragmatism and common sense.

On the outside she spends almost as much time with her family and friends as she does with her puppy. In fact, she’d take them all travelling and tramping with her if she could.

Mathew Thompson

09 985 2622

The high stakes property lawyer with a focus on results.

Mathew’s clients value his exceptional efficiency and accuracy. His co-operative approach and diligence help guide and reassure them every step of the way.

Energetic, creative and detail-orientated, Mathew specialises in Property Law. He thrives on helping people, building relationships and rising to a challenge.

As well as studying Law, Mathew also has a background in Trust Accountancy and his head for numbers tilts the balance in his clients’ favour.

On the inside, Mathew is our go-to as a financial problem solver, and for anything to do with the sports results – he’s our very own ‘sportpedia’.

On the outside is exactly where you’ll find him whenever he can get away. Preferably strapped onto a pair of skis, on foreign pistes if possible, and with friends.

Craig Tatley

Civil Litigation, Employment and Criminal
09 985 2525

The tenacious problem-solver with a brain like a search engine.

Craig’s clients value his ability to come up with innovative and effective ways of resolving legal conundrums. They also enjoy his demonstrable relish for a challenge.

Diligent, careful, and solution-focused, Craig specialises in Civil Litigation, Employment Law, and Criminal Law. He also has a passion for history, which explains why he thrives on delving into the finest details of every case.

On the inside, Craig is our go-to research mastermind. His vast knowledge of legal databases is only rivalled by his encyclopedic memory for any fact relating to buses, cars, and trains.

On the outside, he’s a transport history fanatic who enjoys driving vintage buses at the weekend. He’s also keen on finding the best spots for gourmet burgers and craft beers, neither of which he indulges in while driving the bus.

Ben Jefferson

09 306 0613

The clear-headed legal tactician with match-winning skills.

Ben’s clients value his ability to simplify the complex. His clear thinking, compassion and detailed planning guide them through legal issues at personally challenging times.

Focused, efficient, and empathetic, he enjoys applying his expertise to help people in a tangible way. Ben specialises in family law and works closely with clients who require legal assistance through the closing stages of relationships.

With a Masters in journalism, he has passion for good writing. Not only does that complement his legal acumen, it has given him a sharp eye for detail.

On the inside, he’s our go-to for incisive, effective thinking and regular humorous comments.

On the outside, he’s a sports trivia whizz, a very active first-time parent and a keen soccer player – even if his social skills often make as much of a contribution to the game as his boots do these days.

Nirusha George

09 306 0602

The compassionate pragmatist with a recipe for success.

Nirusha’s clients value her pragmatism and sensitivity. She brings genuine empathy and visible energy to each of her clients’ assignments.

Inquisitive, collaborative and eager to try new things, she thrives on understanding different perspectives, finding real solutions, and challenging herself.

Nirusha majored in sociology and employment relations. Her studies and experiences developed her understanding of people with different views from her own and quickly made her a valuable member of our family law team

On the inside, she’s our go-to for a fresh take on any issue and is happy to take on any challenge.

On the outside, she finds joy in baking, which she eagerly tests on her family. She also loves to be out hiking, as long as the weather’s fine.