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Facing prosecution, a stressful time for dog owners

Written By: Nathan Batts and Olivia Rose

How to work with Council for better outcomes for you and your dog

Recent legal developments mean dog owners need to carefully consider their approach if they find themselves charged with an offence under the Dog Control Act.

A dog owner’s main priority is to prevent the Court from ordering the destruction of their dog. However, these latest changes mean dog owners will require a wide range of options to help them avoid a destruction order.

The Court has to

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Rent reduction period extended   

New changes to commercial leases have come into effect which are designed to provide many businesses impacted by the pandemic with rent relief.

An important part of the new legislation was to add a “no access in emergency” term similar to clause 27.5 of the ADLS Lease into leases that do not currently contain this provision.

The final legislation comes with some clarity around how a tenant and landlord can determine what constitutes a fair rent

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Breaking up is hard to do, children make it even harder

Written By: Amy McCormick and Ben Jefferson

Formal shared-parenting agreement will help ensure the kids are alright

Separating is never easy. Breaking up when children are involved is especially challenging. A separation can be sudden and shocking, and the aftermath is a deeply uncertain and disruptive time for both young children and teenagers. As you come to terms with your new reality, it is important you and your ex-partner make appropriate arrangements for your children with their needs as the central focus.

There is no hard and

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Is your rental property exempt?

Written By: Dion Friedman and Petrea Parkhill

A guide to property exemptions under new investor tax proposal

New tax policies proposed by the Government earlier this year could significantly increase the cost of owning debt-funded rental properties for landlords and property investors.

However, the Government recently announced a list of properties that will be exempt from these changes which gives investors more clarity about how they will be impacted.

This article summarises these exemptions to help investors and landlords determine what it will mean for them and

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