Clare Murphy LLB / BA
Ashley Thompson


Trust Accountant
09 985 2522

The financial whizz who also pounds pavements.

The partners and staff rely on Ash to expedite the firm’s financial transactions and ensure they comply with the guidelines set out by the New Zealand Law Society.

Calm, down-to-earth and detail-orientated, Ash is known for his can-do attitude, his accounting acumen and his mastery of Excel.

Ash majored in Accounting and Finance, is utterly unfazed by the most complex page of numbers and is well on his way to becoming a Chartered Accountant.

On the inside, Ash is our go-to number cruncher.

On the outside, he runs the occasional marathon, presides over his local Aussie Rules Football Club, and gets up at unearthly hours to follow Formula 1 motor racing.