Clare Murphy LLB / BA
Clare Murphy


Senior Associate
09 985 2533

The calm in the storm.

Clare’s clients often arrive with a storm brewing. She provides the calm. Analytical with sharp acumen, she covers all bases,  and looks outside the box before providing advice or picking up her pen.

Family law is not for the faint-hearted. It requires grit and resolve; Clare has both of these in spades. She turns up everyday with energy. She is known to go above and beyond, to ensure the result is the right one.

Clare has many years of experience guiding clients through all manner of family law issues, including relationship property and trust matters, care of children disputes, domestic violence, incapacity and estates.

Clare is approved by the Court to act as a lawyer for children. She regularly appears in Court and facilitates mediation.

On the inside, she is empathetic and measured.

On the outside, she won’t be far from the beach with music in her ears.