Clare Murphy LLB / BA
Craig Tatley

LLB (Hons)

Civil Litigation, Employment and Criminal
09 985 2525

The tenacious problem-solver with a brain like a search engine.

Craig’s clients value his ability to come up with innovative and effective ways of resolving legal conundrums. They also enjoy his demonstrable relish for a challenge.

Diligent, careful, and solution-focused, Craig specialises in Civil Litigation, Employment Law, and Criminal Law. He also has a passion for history, which explains why he thrives on delving into the finest details of every case.

On the inside, Craig is our go-to research mastermind. His vast knowledge of legal databases is only rivalled by his encyclopedic memory for any fact relating to buses, cars, and trains.

On the outside, he’s a transport history fanatic who enjoys driving vintage buses at the weekend. He’s also keen on finding the best spots for gourmet burgers and craft beers, neither of which he indulges in while driving the bus.