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What is an Enduring Power of Attorney and why do you need one?

Losing the ability to make or communicate decisions about personal care and welfare or property is not something people want to think about or prepare for.

However, it is important to have Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) in place if old age, illness or an accident causes someone to lose the ability to make or communicate significant decisions. Contrary to popular belief, a person’s next of kin

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Written By: Nathan Batts and Craig Tatley

Applying for a limited licence is a complex process – here’s a guide to make it easy

If you commit an offence under the Land Transport Act 1998 (LTA) a possible consequence of conviction is that you will be disqualified from driving for a period of time.

Disqualification from driving is a possible penalty for a range of offences, from careless driving through to drink driving and racing.

While some offences, such as careless driving, don’t specify a minimum period

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Negotiating scope and limiting exposure of guarantor essential

Personal guarantees are often given by directors and shareholders to secure the obligations of a company. Put simply, the individual assumes responsibility if the company is unable to pay its debt.

Providing personal guarantees can be essential for doing business and may be a pre-requisite for unlocking additional benefits such as cash flow. However, a personal guarantee is a significant obligation and should be approached with care.

It is key to understand

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Written By: Property Team

The risks, rewards, and intricacies of giving your kids a helping hand

In the final part of Haigh Lyon’s first home buyer series our property team analyses the key things to consider when a parent lends money to their child to buy a home.

Increasingly, the bank of mum and dad is becoming a go-to option for many Kiwis’ looking to buy their first house because they are struggling to save an acceptable deposit as prices rise.

On top

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