Anthony Kuran

LLB | BCom


Trusts & Estate Planning
09 306 0611

Anthony’s greatest quality is his ability to listen and ask the right questions to ensure he achieves the best possible outcome for his clients.

With a passion for commercial law, he loves nothing more than helping people do everything from change the structure of their business, through to navigating the entry or exit from a company.

Anthony is humble and knows that learning and increasing your knowledge never stops. That’s why he thrives on working for people who are in business, learning from everyone he works with, getting to know them, and listening to their unique perspectives and experiences.  

He’s a team player who takes a collaborative approach to understand exactly what clients want to achieve.

Along with Haigh Lyon’s other partners, Anthony has a joint passion and energy for the work the firm does now and, more importantly, for what the future holds.  

When he’s not getting a deal done for his clients, he loves nothing more than travelling to the many places he is still yet to see.