What we do
We are a team of smart, approachable lawyers who embrace our uniqueness to provide on point legal services with style.

We take the time to listen, understand and serve our clients’ true needs, to release their untapped value.

This is one way we’re able to exceed expectations.

  • Property

    Property buyers, investors and experienced commercial developers continue to choose us because we give them an unfair advantage.

    With a vast wealth of property law knowledge and connected and trusted experts, we deliver property transactions that are uncomplicated and rewarding.

    Ask us about

    • Buying or selling your home
    • Leasing (commercial, retail, office and industrial)
    • Commercial property acquisitions and disposals
    • Property development and subdivisions
    • Mortgages and restructuring of your borrowings
    • Overseas Investment Act issues
    • Cross lease and unit title matters
    • Property sharing agreements

    Shaun McGivern is head of our Property team.

  • Commercial

    Business runs through our veins. Our commercial advice and critical thinking empowers our clients because it’s easy to understand and put into practice.

    We provide high-level legal frameworks with connected networks. And then combine these with pragmatism and creativity to manage risk, support strategic business objectives and discover fresh opportunities.

    Ask us about

    • Business sales and purchases
    • Shareholders’ and joint venture agreements
    • Business borrowing, security and financing arrangements
    • Corporate governance and structure
    • Commercial contracts
    • Partnership arrangements (including Limited Partnerships)
    • Buy-sell agreements
    • Equity financing and capital raising
    • Employee share plans

    Anthony Kuran is head of our Commercial team.

  • Family

    We know family law. We deliver the best service and advice; plain and simple.

    Family and relationship property law can be complex, contentious and emotionally charged. This is compounded when disputes and separations include children and property. Our supportive and smart team has a great depth of legal and life experience, and enjoy collaborative problem solving. Contact us as early in a dispute as possible, to quickly minimise stress and make your options clear.

    Ask us about

    • Relationship property (separation or prenuptial)
    • Trust matters (separation or estate planning)
    • Agreements (prenuptial or separation)
    • Guardianship or matters about children
    • Estate claims (contesting a Will)
    • Spousal maintenance; or
    • Any issue arising from family relationships


    Enquire about our family law services

    Jennie Hawker and Amanda Donovan are head of our Family team.

  • Employment and Health & Safety

    We’re highly skilled at dealing with the establishment, management and termination of employment relationships.

    We give timely and reliable advice on: drafting agreements, common employment issues, redundancy, and health and safety. Whether acting for an employee or employer, we’re accessible and have all your needs covered.

    Ask us about

    • Personal grievance
    • Employment agreements
    • Redundancy
    • Wages and salaries
    • Constructive dismissal
    • Managing investigations and defending prosecutions by WorkSafe

    Ben Molloy is head of our Employment and Health & Safety team.

  • Trusts & estate planning

    Like plate tectonics, trust law is constantly shifting, and it’s often hard to predict how this movement will affect our futures.

    Our vigilant and mindful Trust team have their fingers on the pulse of change to manage and administer hundreds of family, investment, trading and charitable trusts.

    When it comes to structuring assets and putting your affairs in order, you need highly attuned minds that can meet these challenges with surgical precision. It’s a specialty area that requires the highest of professionalism and a caring attention to detail. We can help.

    Ask us about

    • Estate and asset planning and relationship property matters
      (prenuptial agreements)
    • Establishing trusts including, family, investment, trading and
      charitable trusts (and incorporated societies)
    • Asset transfers to trusts
    • Ongoing trust administration
    • Wills
    • Estate planning
    • Enduring powers of attorney

    Anthony Kuran is head of our Trusts & estate planning team.

  • Litigation & dispute resolution

    Negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation, you need a team that can shift quickly to keep you ahead of issues.

    Our experienced team have the ability and experience to recognise the most efficient intervention to achieve the greatest outcome. Whether you are wanting to recover a loss, right a wrong or defend a position we can secure the most effective and efficient position for you; allowing you to move forward with your business and personal life.

    Ask us about

    • Commercial contracts
    • Commercial and residential tenancy
    • Franchise disputes
    • Building and construction
    • Estates and trust
    • Debt recovery
    • Insolvency
    • Residential and commercial property
    • Access to leading specialist barristers and Queen’s Counsel

    Ben Molloy is head of our Litigation & dispute resolution team.

  • Estate administration

    Compassion, pragmatism and professionalism are key traits of our specialist Estate Administration team.

    With many years of experience carefully managing the estates and Wills of deceased relatives and friends, we have become expert in all areas of administration. We demonstrate our expertise when there is no Will, and when situations become complex and contentious.

    Ask us about

    • Claims against a parent’s estate where no or inadequate
      provision has been made
    • Disputes where the deceased had remarried
    • Claims to prove incomplete documents as a final Will
    • Family arrangements and settlements
    • Probate (including resealing probate from foreign jurisdictions)
      and Letters of Administration
    • Family Protection Act claims

    Anthony Kuran is head of our Estate administration team.