Ben Jefferson

LLB (Hons)


09 306 0613

Ben’s passion for family law is driven by his clear thinking and empathy that helps him guide clients through complex legal issues at an emotionally challenging time of their lives. 

Focused, efficient, and compassionate, he uses his expertise to help people achieve positive outcomes. 

Ben’s clients also value his ability to simplify the complex and develop a detailed plan to give them peace of mind. 

With a Masters in Journalism, he has a love of great writing which complements his legal acumen and gives him a sharp eye for detail.

In the office, Ben is the firm’s go-to for incisive and effective thinking, as well as reliably humorous and cheeky comments.

When Ben isn’t at work, he’s very busy being a doting dad, a sports trivia whizz, and a keen soccer player – even if his social skills often make more impact than his fancy footwork.