Ben Jefferson

LLB (Hons)

Senior Solicitor

09 306 0613

Ben’s clients value his ability to simplify the complex. His clear thinking, compassion and detailed planning guide them through legal issues at personally challenging times.

Focused, efficient, and empathetic, he enjoys applying his expertise to help people in a tangible way. Ben specialises in family law and works closely with clients who require legal assistance through the closing stages of relationships.

With a Masters in journalism, he has passion for good writing. Not only does that complement his legal acumen, it has given him a sharp eye for detail.

On the inside, he’s our go-to for incisive, effective thinking and regular humorous comments.

On the outside, he’s a sports trivia whizz, a very active first-time parent and a keen soccer player – even if his social skills often make as much of a contribution to the game as his boots do these days.