Maureen Wai

BBS (Accountancy) | CA

Finance Manager

09 306 0601

The partners and staff value Maureen’s down to earth attitude and can-do approach. She presents numbers in a way that makes them tell a clear story. That makes all the difference when it comes to making major financial decisions and devising practical commercial solutions.

Thorough, meticulous and dependable, Maureen specialises in accounting, finance and taxation. It’s the power of numbers to help people see things more clearly that Maureen finds constantly invigorating.

On the inside, she is our go-to for anything to do with dollars, no matter how small or large the numbers. Maureen’s practical advice, always open door and unfailingly open mind make her the most approachable finance and accounting guru imaginable.

On the outside, she is a very busy mum who dreams of putting up her feet for five minutes, one day soon maybe.