We have expanded our litigation services

Written by: Admin
May 16 2019

Haigh Lyon has expanded the litigation service available to its clients.

Nathan Batts has recently returned to our litigation team as a Senior Associate and is an experienced advocate. He has previously represented both the Crown and regulatory bodies in serious and complex prosecutions and enforcement action and has also acted for defendants in such proceedings.

As a result, we can now be of particular assistance to companies and individuals facing enforcement action from regulators involved with business operations as well as individuals charged by the Police. Examples of relevant regulators include local councils responsible for enforcing the Resource Management Act and the Building Act, WorkSafe responsible for enforcing health and safety laws, and the Commerce Commission responsible for enforcing fair trading laws. In addition, if you, or someone close to you, have the misfortune of being charged with offending by the Police – however serious – we can assist with resolving and, if necessary, defending such charges.

Alternatively, if you or your business would like advice to ensure that your conduct or operations are compliant with applicable legislation, we are able to provide you with such guidance.

Our expanded regulatory work now also covers online communications. Recent legislation has brought harassment protections up to date for the digital age. There are now effective legal options, including court orders that are available to respond to online harassment or abuse.

If you, a loved one, or your business are facing formal charges, some other enforcement action, or are simply being investigated for suspected non-compliance or offending, then we are well-placed to assist you and welcome your contact. Alternatively, we can assist if you are simply looking for advice or guidance in terms of complying with relevant regulations. In addition, if you or someone you care about are the subject of online abuse or harassment, this is not something you have to put up with – there are legal options available to you for shutting down such conduct and we can help.

If we can be of assistance please contact Nathan directly on 09 306 0608 or email him at [email protected]